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ISBN 978-0-9811929-3-2.

Published by Archives Lanark,

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Maps of the Townships (approx 11x12) - $15 ea.

Village Map Series

Town Map and Directory Series

North Elmsley Township - Doorway to the Past 2nd Edition

Published September 2017 Limited Edition, Paperback, 8 one-half" X 11", 285 pages Also available at the Archives, Drummond Centre.

Price: $30.00 (plus $18. shipping)


Published by the North Sherbrooke Historical Society, this volume features Jane Sym, the wife of Canada's second Prime Minister and five other founding settlers in North Sherbrooke -- William Bryce, John Crawford, Anthony McBryde, Arthur Stoaks and Ebenezer Wilson. Authored by the late Beryl Stott, the manuscript for this volume was discovered after her sudden death in November 2013. The North Sherbrooke Historical Society and Archives Lanark is proud to offer this legacy of Beryl's keen interest in the history and social character of this small but unique township in Lanark County.

Softcover binding, 8" x 9 1/2", 106 pages

Price: $20.00 (plus $18. shipping)

A History Of Drummond Township

A History of Drummond Township

by John C. Ebbs,

1998 8 1/2” x 8 1/2” – Soft cover, 171 pages

ISBN 1-894263-14-6

Price: $25.00 (plus $18. shipping)

The Auld Kirk

Actual Stone Inscriptions
(Does not contain obituaries )

Compiled by Gary Byron, Under the auspices of the
Lanark County Genealogical Society, 2002

8 1/2” x 11” – Hard cover, 214 pages

ISBN 978-1-894008-40-2

Price: $50.00 (plus $18. shipping)

For Learning

by Lloyd C. Sutherland,
(History of Education 1804 - 1869)

1979 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” - Soft cover, 313 pages

ISBN 0-9690245-0-9
Price: $10.00 (plus $18. shipping)

Over the Rocks of Bathurst

by Linda Middleton
(A Genealogical Portrait of the Echlin Family)

Five Echlin sons ventured  across the sea from Ireland in a home-made sail boat. One died of Black Fever before reaching his destination but four survived the trip and settled in the Lanark County area. 

This story of the home-made sail boat has been passed down over many generations about the Echlin ancestors’ migration to Canada.  It became the Seed of Discovery and inspiration for the author to spend many years searching to fine the truth.

This Genealogical Portrait captures many branches of the Echlin family over a period of almost five centuries.  The challenges of migrating, the hardships encountered on arrival in the Perth settlement in 1817 and finding their situation much different than what they had been promised presents the reader with an  interesting and well-documented family genealogy.   Anyone with Echlin roots will treasure this book.

Paperback editions (8" x 11") of about 250 pages are available

Price: $28 (plus $18. shipping)